Fri-ta-tta, Fri-tah-tta

I *may* have mentioned once or twice that breakfast for dinner is a go-to in my house. We love eggs, since they work so well for fast, easy suppers, and will be eaten by both picky N and pescatarian J. Frittatas are the best dish for throwing in whatever you have in the fridge and getting rid of the odds and ends. It’s also a great way to get veggies into children who think you are not a parent but a line-cook.

My best tip is to invest in a cast-iron skillet. They are not as pricy as you may think. Here is a non-affiliate list of options from Amazon: The cast iron makes the stove-to-oven action super easy. It also makes the egg super crispy (aks super delicious) on the edges. There is one simple thing you have to remember about cast iron. Under NO circumstances do you use soap to wash it. To clean, you can boil some water in the bottom of the pan or use salt as an abrasive to get the bits off the bottom. Then coat with oil before you put it away and it will be ready for the next time!

So back to the egg-cellent recipe…. Here is the frittata base (mix the following all together):

  • 6 eggs
  • 1/4 cup milk
  • 1 garlic clove (or 1/2 tsp minced garlic)
  • 1/4 tsp salt (less if using a very salty cheese or meat)

The best part, as always, is what you can mix in. In the photo on the left I have cherry tomatoes, brie, and zaatar seasoning. Not sure what to put inside? Here are some combinations ideas:

  • spinach and fontina cheese
  • bacon and cheddar cheese
  • peppers and onions
  • broccoli and white cheddar
  • sausage and peppers
  • salami
  • chicken and goat cheese
  • tomatoes and basil
  • mixed cheese
  • caramelized onions and swiss cheese

Simply put your mix-ins at the bottom of the pan (minus any cheese) and cook them slightly. This is especially important for vegetables that hold a lot of water, such as spinach and broccoli. Otherwise, the eggs won’t set properly. Make sure there is enough oil in the pan so the eggs won’t stick, and pour the egg/milk mixture on top. Ensure the ingredients are all over the pan instead of in just one place. Top with the cheese. Bake at 400º for about 15-20 minutes. If you find the cheese is burning you can always lightly cover the pan with some tinfoil for part of the cooking time.

Pictured right: Spinach, mushroom and an Italian 4-cheese blend

I would love to know what you would put into your frittata! Share your combinations here for all to enjoy.

This is life. Love, Mom.

4 thoughts on “Fri-ta-tta, Fri-tah-tta

  1. This is a nice recipe. Thanks for sharing it. I love how it is simple and healthy! Nice mix of ingredients.

    This may or may not be a coincidence..but as a kid, I had a teacher in Grade 4 who was also named Leora and she married someone with the last name Kim. Amazing teacher.

    Anyways, thanks for the recipe that I’ll be using.


    1. Vanessa!!!! I got your email but I didn’t have a chance to reply back!!!! It honestly brightened my whole day when I read it.


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