The Best Last-Minute Holiday Gift Ideas

We’ve all been there. The last-minute gift struggle. No judgment – trust me. Sometimes the days just get away from us, and before we know it we are days away from the family holiday party, or something of the like. So I’m here to save you from a gift-less entry.

The rise of the subscription box over the last few years works perfectly for those hard-to-shop-for people in your life, or a last-minute gift save! I love subscription boxes because they are curated, and just personal enough to fit everyone in your life. They are the gift that keeps on giving, depending on the subscription amount. You also don’t need to arrive with a gift in hand – simply print out a picture of the box, insert it into a card, and tell the recipient to watch the mail! And let’s be honest, in this digital age, who doesn’t love some good, old-fashioned mail?? I know that finding ones that ship to Canada can sometimes be a tall order, so here are my faves. I have included affiliate links here, many of which give you a discount on the boxes. I have to say, though, that I wrote this post first and found the affiliate links after. I would recommend these items all day, every day,

1. For the kiddos:

I am obsessed with Kiwi Crates. Our kids received this as a gift years ago from their aunt and have quickly become my go-to gift. Kids receive a box monthly, which includes hands-on activities and reading based on a theme. There are different boxes depending on the age of the recipient. N has received Koala crates, which are great because he can complete tasks on his own. Pictured below are two activities he completed while learning about butterflies and dinosaurs. J recently began receiving Atlas crates, which include a different country every month. Prices range from $25-$30 per box depending on the frequency. They can be found at

2. For the foodies:

Carnivore Club is one of our amazing finds. Each month, you receive a box of curated meats. There are two sizes, and we have been loving the snack-box size. The full-size box includes party-worthy items, great for sharing. The snack box includes single-serving items, which are great for when you are on the go. I love that it highlights local vendors, and there has been more than one occasion where we have gone back and re-purchased from newly-discovered vendors. As a foodie, Hubby loves discovering new foods and trying different products. Prices range from $40-$60 per box depending on the frequency. They can be found at

3. For the furry friends:

Not to be forgotten in the season are our four-legged friends. Both my sisters have dogs (as do I) so it is important for us to pamper each other’s pups, too. Woof Pack is a Canadian company that ships a variety of toys and treats each month. I love that they have a box category specially designed for “chewers”. Our dog, Bella, is notorious for obliterating toys. As a Boxer mix, she loves toys so much she destroys them in mere minutes. Prices range from $37-$47 per box depending on the frequency. They can be found at

4. For yourself:

Let’s be honest – sometimes the best gifts are those that we give ourselves. The Fab Fit Fun box is one you have probably seen all over social media. It is one I coveted for a few years before asking Hubby for it as a birthday gift. I have to say, it does NOT disappoint. I love the mix of full-size items and those that I would never buy for myself. I am not one for a lot of make-up or beauty products, but I like being able to choose things I can indulge on. In this past box, I received a Michael Kors hat and Herschel bag. In the past, I have received lotions, makeup and hair care products. I even got my new favourite floss!! Pictured below is a summer box which included a ring light, beach blanket and guac/salsa bowls. This box is a bit of a splurge but in my opinion, it’s well worth it. Prices range from $45-$50 USD + shipping per box depending on the frequency. I do have free boxes on occasion, so be sure to comment if you are interested in one. They can be found at 

Getting boxes shipped to Canada isn’t always ideal. Some companies don’t come to Canada, and if they do, the shipping costs are exorbitant. I hope you enjoyed my four favourites. Anything YOU would add to this list? Sharing is caring!!

On that note, wishing everyone a very happy, heathy holidays. I am going to sign off for 2021 and return in January with some brand new content!

This is life. Love, Mom.

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