These Are Five Of My Favourite Things…

*Fall Edition*

Thank you to everyone who gave me feedback on my first “favourite things” blog. If you know me, you know that I love summer. I don’t mind the heat, and I crave the vitamin D. Seeing as how I am not into sports, winter is definitely not my jam. BUT from a fashion-standpoint, fall is where it’s at. There is something so appealing about the crisp air, jeans, fall boots and a warm latte that soothes my soul. So, in honour of the upcoming season, here are my top five favourite fall things.

NUMBER 1: Pumpkin spice lattes. I know, I know. These are typically reserved for those who are “basic”, whatever that means… Pumpkin spice is very polarizing… either you love it or you despise it. I just love how Starbucks somehow figured out how to corner the market on a whole season. Somewhere along the way, the return of the Starbucks fall line-up became the unofficial signal of fall. Whoever is behind that marketing should surely get a raise. This flavour phenomenon has morphed into everything from cereal to hummus to cream cheese. But I’ll just stick with my original PSL, thank you very much.

NUMBER 2: Apple picking – the quintessential fall outing. I have to admit I have always loved this. There are so many orchards in and around the GTA, making this a very accessible activity. I know it sounds cheesy, but there is something magical about walking through the orchards and taking the fruit right off the tree. It is a great socially-distanced activity that is great for all ages. There really isn’t anything more to say!

NUMER 3: I have to say one of my favourite things about early fall is opening the windows. For fellow seasonal allergy suffers, you can appreciate why the windows must stay closed most of the summer. Not to mention the outside heat messes with our AC. But fall air lets the house “breath” more. It lets the outside in and doesn’t feel as stuffy anymore. Even though as I mentioned above, summer is numero uno for me, fall is a close second, for the feeling of the air alone!

NUMBER 4: Here is my one fashion plug. I am obsessed with boots. Hubby laughs at all my shoes, but truthfully fall boots are my weakness. A few years ago, a colleague of mine commented she loved the “click-clack” of my heels, and she always knew it was me coming down the hall. If you haven’t ventured to Call It Spring (a subsidiary of Aldo) lately, I highly suggest you go. This is NOT a plug, but they actually make the best boots… just ask my wallet. I wracked my phone looking for pictures of me wearing some of my faves, but alas I guess this goes to show how poor of a fashion blogger I am because I have none (ha!). Instead, I have picked my faves off the websites and highlighted them here for you. If anyone wants to send the link to Hubby, I can pass his email along wink. Here is the link in case you need a quick boot-fix

NUMBER 5: Baking is one of my favourite things to do all year round, but there is something about fall baking that just hits differently. Maybe it’s the cool air or the hot coffee you can drink while enjoying a little something. I generally try to add a healthier twist to my baking, which has become a bit of a running joke in our house. Whenever I bake anything, J asks if it’s “normal or mommy-baking” and when Hubby eats it, he then asks “okay so what’s really in it?” But even though they joke, they also know that I am trying to give them a healthier option. Don’t get me wrong, I buy store-made items too because I don’t have time to sit in the kitchen all day. But when I DO bake, I want to make sure there is a little something extra. If you don’t follow The Ambitious Kitchen on Instagram, I highly recommend you do. I am a huge fan of her recipes because they taste AMAZING and are health-conscious. Her peanut butter Twix bars have been made dozens of times in our house. I am linking the recipe from her site here:

I hope you enjoyed this “fluffy” post! I do enjoy sharing things I love, so these are fun posts for me to write. What are your favourite fall things? Share, please! But if this post wasn’t your thing, don’t worry, it will be back to our regularly scheduled programming next week 🙂

This is life. Love, Mom.

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